Baku Old and New – Azerbaijan

From Sirvansahlar Sarayi

Baku is a city of contrasts. From the promenade at the Caspian Sea where there are designer shops, large 5-star hotels to the old walled city to the gloomy Soviet designed apartments and buildings further from the promenade. The streets are full of the noveau-rich Mercs, Porches, Beamers and Lexus and the not-so-rich Russian Ladas. It’s an expensive city, petrol is AZ Manat 1.60/litre (Manat 1= US$1.28). Even though the roads are wide the traffic in the city is horrendous, worse than Kuala Lumpur, construction is everywhere, but there are parks and greenery dotted throughout the city. However these contrasts make it a fascinating city. The old walled city is uncrowded and a joy to walk through. This photograph taken from the palace in the old city shows the modern buildings being constructed in the background. Taken 4th May 2012.


4 comments on “Baku Old and New – Azerbaijan

  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Peter,

    Love your travel blog and pictures.
    Was it easy enough to fly into Baku and are you going to do all the countries in that region? (Stans)


    • flyingkakapo says:

      I happened to be Ireland and had to fly to Amsterdam, then Istanbul then Baku. I’m here because my wife was asked by the Azerbaijan Academy of Science to present a paper. I will only be here for another 4 days before flying back to Amsterdam

  2. Interesting! I will be going here in a couple of weeks. Nice photos by the way!

    • flyingkakapo says:

      Make sure you allow yourself at least 3 days to see Baku and take a trip to Gobustan to see the petroglyphs and visit the mud volcanoes, also the fire at Yanar Dag and Temple at Surakhany. Bargain with the taxi drivers, Ali is an English speaking taxi driver, delightful character but talks a lot. Some people paid US$400, we got for US$130. His phone number is +994 50 330 7143, tell him you got his number from me, Peter Anderson. He took us on a 2-hour night trip of Baku, AZ Manat40, about Euro40. Let me know how you got on. Have a good trip.

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