Tsavo – Kenya

Black Rhinoceros, Tsavo National Park

On 12 June 2007 we were on safari in Kenya. After much research we decided to visit Tsavo National Park, for two main reasons, firstly we didn’t want to visit a National Park that was crowded and secondly it was the closest to where we were staying at Kikambala near Mombasa.

To go to Africa and not go on a safari is madness. Most of us have watched National Geographic programmes on television from the various safari parks of Africa. The famous Serengeti, Kruger, Amboseli and Masi Mara a few that comes to mind. There have been articles condemning the large numbers that enter these parks; the dust caused by the large number of vehicles and in some cases the scarcity of wildlife. When visiting Kenya, consider Tsavo National Parks, there are two side-by-side, East and West. Their total area, 21,000 square kilometres, is bigger than Wales or Jamaica. Situated about 150 kilometres west of Mombasa, a three-day two-night safari will cost about US$400 per person, all inclusive of transport, guide, entrance fees (US$40/day), meals and accommodation.


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