Souassi – Tunisia

Souassi, Tunisia

There aren’t many trees in Tunisia, so the storks have to build their nests elsewhere. Photograph taken 7th July 2010


3 comments on “Souassi – Tunisia

  1. makeacrane says:

    Amazing! I love this. Thank you for sharing. I’d reblog, but it’s not very peace-related…

    • flyingkakapo says:

      I think Tunisia is Okay to travel. I have travelled in many places that some countries warn tourists not to travel through. In nearly all cases I have had no problems although I was given Army personnel (not at my request) when I went through the Khyber Pass. I have travelled through Sri Lanka during the Tamil Tiger days, Syria, Jordan etc and other places. I generally found that the locals were glad to see foreigners in their country.

      • makeacrane says:

        Foreigners do bring tourism and new faces and culture and exoticism… My travels in China were always met with fascination. There are so many articles on how global China is becoming, yet many Chinese, children and adults, are still so excited to take a picture with a Caucasian visitor!

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