Kandy – Sri Lanka

The Royal Elephant and Tooth Temple, Kandy

The Kandy Perhara is a world-renown religious ceremony. It features about 100 decorated elephants and 5,000 dancers, musicians, light bearers etc. The procession is on every night for 10 days and takes about six hours to complete, however as most people who witness this amazing procession stay in one place and the procession passes them in a little over three hours. The highlight of the procession is the Royal elephant who carries the Relic of the tooth of Buddha in a casket on his back. The honour of carrying this casket usually goes to a large male tusker. The most famous Royal elephant carried the casket for 60 years. The locals begin getting prime positions along the way as early as 12 hours before the procession leaves the Tooth Temple. The evening I watched the Perhara the procession started at 1950hrs and the pavements along the route in Kandy were completely packed at 1500hrs, all the best viewing positions were gone. Luckily I got a Media Pass and got a prime, although crowded position near the Tooth Temple. Photograph taken 31st July 2012 – posted one day late due to bad wifi connection


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