Kaikoura – New Zealand

Seaward Kaikouras, New Zealand

On the train journey from Picton to Christchurch perhaps the most stunning scenery around Kaikoura are the coastal scenes as the railway line is only a few metres from the Pacific coast at times. Seals abound, basking in the sun and as the Kaikoura Mountains are part of the coast the railway line passes through many tunnels. Kaikoura is famous for its whale watching, swimming with wild dolphins in the sea and the famous Kaikoura crayfish (lobsters). This photograph is looking inland up one of the many valleys in the Kaikouras as the sun was low in the sky. Photograph taken on 13th September 2009.


2 comments on “Kaikoura – New Zealand

  1. jacek29 says:

    Beautiful picture

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