Karpas Peninsula – Cyprus

Wild Donkey of Cyprus

The drive from Kyrenia to the far east of the island at Cape Apostolos Andreas gave me a completely different view of Cyprus. It is away from the tourists and the scenery is quite stunning in parts. A small detour to Kantara Castle offers some wonderful panoramic views of the area. Possibly the best beach in Cyprus, Golden Beach at Nangomi Bay, is also out east. However, my initial reason to drive out to the Peninsula was to see the Wild Donkeys of Cyprus.

It is thought that all the donkeys found on the island are descended from the African wild ass. These creatures can be recognised from their grey coat and black mane. It is believed that donkeys were first domesticated in 4000 BC. Donkeys were hugely important in human life as a means of transportation; they can carry more weight than a horse. Donkeys have also been associated with religion as well as their usefulness as animals of burden. For example, the ancient Greek people created an association between donkeys and their wine god, Dionysius. Donkeys in those days were seen as a luxurious item that only the rich could afford.

Photograph taken with Nikon D90 & 16-85mm lens at 56mm on the 9th October 2011


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