Panam City – Bangladesh

Panam City, Bangladesh

This errie deserted street is in Panam City. I could not ascertain how such a small area became known as a city, as it appears to be built in the city of Sonargaon, which was the capital of Bengal and it is only one road. Panam City was built by the upper-middle class Bengali businessmen, mainly Hindu cloth merchants, in the late 19th century as a trading centre of cotton fabrics during the British rule. The city was built in Sonargaon and the cloth merchants built their residential houses following the colonial style and it was then one of the wealthiest cities in Bengal.   All the buildings in the city were built facing a single road, which is five metres wide and 600 metres long. At the back of every building is a pond whose water was used for household works. In the city there are still the remains of 52 buildings. The whole city was surrounded with artificial canals. These canals were dug to protect the city from any outside attack. There was only one bridge to enter the city in the west side.  After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and the Muslim-Hindu riot, Hindu businessmen started to leave and the city was deserted. Today this area is protected under the department of archaeology of Bangladesh.

Photograph taken with Nikon D700 & 24-70mm at 68mm on 13th November 2009


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