Casablanca – Morocco

Marabout of Sidi Abderrahman, Casablanca, Morocco

Marabout of Sidi Abderahman, Casablanca, Morocco

We landed in Casablanca to begin our three-week journey through Morocco. I picked up our rental car and was given a map to drive to our hotel. Unfortunately there are very street signs so it was virtually impossible to gauge where we were. However, a local on a bicycle asked us to follow him as he was on his way to work, which fortunately for us was close to our hotel.

After checking into our hotel we went for a drive along the Ain Diab corniche where at its western end is the small island of Marabout of Sidi Abderahman, which is a religious site. It’s an outcrop of rocks, accessible at low tide and attracts Muslim pilgrims suffering from nervous disorders and those who have had evil spells cast on them.

Photograph taken with Nikon D100 & 24-85mm lens at 85mm on 3rd December 2005.


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