County Kerry – Ireland

Skellig Islands, County Kerry, Ireland

Skellig Islands, County Kerry, Ireland

As I was driving the Ring of Kerry and nearing Waterville this scene of the Skellig Islands appeared before me. I waited a while until the sun appeared between the clouds and this image really gives me an Irish feeling. This area is a truly beautiful part of the world and I would highly recommend it to visitors to Ireland.

Photograph taken with Nikon D90 & 16-85mm lens at 48mm on 24th April 2012.


10 comments on “County Kerry – Ireland

  1. Brilliant pictures. You must be a big time traveller! Love your pictures and the places that you visit. What do you by the way? I mean no offence but I do want want to travel to all these places. Cheers!

    • flyingkakapo says:

      Hi Naresh, thanks for visiting my blog. I certainly enjoy travelling and have been fortunate as a travel photographer & writer to visit many countries. However, the Internet has really depleted the number of trips I get now as many magazines & newspapers use the Internet to get stories. I am now semi-retired and continue to travel.

  2. joanfrankham says:

    great photo, I am sure you enjoyed your time in Ireland.

  3. flyingkakapo says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. My wife and I had a wonderful time in Ireland, unfortunately we only spent 2 weeks there. It’s one of my favourite travel destinations and we’ve been to over 80 countries.

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  5. MustangSally says:

    This is a wonderful shot! Love your work.

  6. MustangSally says:

    Skelligs are 7 nautical miles off shore – so I am surprised that you think these islands are so close. Skellig Michael is the small one and is always covered in guano and therefore has no grass.

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