Castelfranco Veneto – Italy

Cathedral, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

Cathedral, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

Castelfranco Veneto is a town and commune of Veneto, northern Italy, in the province of Treviso is a 30 kilometre train trip from the town of Treviso and is approximately 40 kilometres west of Venice. The town originates from a castle built by the commune of Treviso in the course of its strife against Padua (1195). In 1246 it was captured by Ezzelino IV da Romano, returning to Treviso after his death in 1259. In 1329 it was acquired by Cangrande I della Scala, lord of Verona. Ten years later, together with Treviso, it was handed over to the Republic of Venice, to which it belonged until 1797. Castelfranco then followed the history of Veneto.

Photograph taken with Nikon D100 & 24-70mm lens at 24mm on 12th May 2006


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