Cairo – Egypt

Al Hussein Mosque, Cairo

Al Hussein Mosque, Cairo

Three years ago I was sitting down enjoying a cup of mint tea outside the Khan El Khalili market with the 900 year old Al Hussein Mosque in the background. At that time I thought to myself as I watched the locals enjoying their afternoon tea that Egyptians appeared to be happy with their lives and it didn’t matter whether they drank tea or beer. Also there are more Egyptian women in this photograph than I have seen on CNN & BBC news on TV in the past three days. Here in Cairo Islam was practised widely and moderately. As I refreshed myself with my mint tea I would never have envisaged what has happened in this city in the past few days. Yes, three years ago there was some discontentment amongst the workers, such as taxi drivers and hotel employees as they felt the wages were too low as prices were rising. I am not a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood and I do not approve of coup d’etat’s either. Perhaps we, the tourists see the local scene through rose-coloured glasses.

Photograph taken with Nikon D700 & 14-24mm lens at 14mm on 5th July 2010


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