Trieste – Italy

Piazza del-l'Unitá d'Italia, Trieste, Italy

Piazza del-l’Unitá d’Italia, Trieste, Italy

Trieste is an interesting port town that dates from 1719 when it was an important port for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was the headquarters of the Italian high command in World War I and after a turbulent World War II it did not come under Italian administration until 1954.  Trieste’s waterfront is centred on the 19th-century Piazza del l’Unitá d’Italia, surrounded by the Town Hall (1877), Palazzo del Governo, Hotel Duche d’Aosta and the Baroque Palazzo Piterri (1790). The famous Irish author James Joyce taught and drank around the town.

Photograph taken with Nikon D90 & 10-24mm lens at 24mm on 22nd November 2011


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