Osmankajarvie – Finland

Osmankajarvie, Finland

Osmankajarvie, Finland

Osmankajarvie was where Sinnika & Pertti have their mokki, summer cottage. Next to the lake and set amongst the forest their summer holiday home consisted of four buildings. The main holiday home, a dormitory, a “Lapland Teepee” smokehouse for the fish and a sauna. There was no electricity lines or running water. Electricity was supplied by their solar power and the fresh water came from a nearby spring, which had the best water I have tasted. This was one of the most tranquil places we have stayed; wandering through the forest picking fresh berries, venturing out on the lake to catch fresh fish, the obligatory pre-dinner sauna & quick dip in the lake and lazing on the lake shore reading a good book. Our meals consisted of fresh local foods using the berries, smoked and fried fresh fish with local vegetables. Life doesn’t get much better.

Photograph taken with Nikon D100 & 24-85mm @ 42mm, ƒ11 on 7th August 2007


Hepokongås – Finland

Hepokongås Waterfall, Finland

Hepokongås Waterfall, Finland

After a relaxing week and enjoying a Finnish wedding in Vihanti Sinnika & Pertti took us to their mokki, summer holiday home, on the shores of Osmankajarvie. Along the way we stopped at the impressive Hepokongås waterfall. The colour of the water is due to the peaty surroundings.

Photograph taken with Nikon D100 & 12-24mm lens @ 12mm, ƒ9 on 6th August 2007.

Berlin – Germany

The Wall - Berlin

The Wall – Berlin

The Wall – not the Pink Floyd version but the Wall of Shame that divided East and West Berlin for many years. This section is now the longest mural in the world and has many artworks from various artists. At least the wall is now put to good use.

Photograph taken with Nikon V2 & 10-30mm lens at 30mm on 14th March 2013